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The round is the primal cut from the rear legs and rump of a carcass. It is decided into smaller cuts: eye round, top round, bottom round with or without the round bone (femur). It consists of well-exercised muscles from the legs and rump of the animal. The top round (it comes from the inside of the leg) is more tender than the bottom (outside) round. The round meat is very lean and rather tough. 


Round cuts are suited for pot roasting, stewing and braising.


Braising means to cook slowly with a liquid in a covered pot. It is favourable for roasts and tougher cuts of beef as the added moisture assists in breaking down connective tissue. Usually, apart from water, wine or broth are used to braise the beef and increase the flavour of the dish.


Stewing beef is done by slowly simmering in a covered stovetop, slow cooker or casserole dish.

Pot roasting is similar to braising. It is done in an oven, slow cooker or other covers dish and requires liquid to be added while slowly cooking. Sometimes you can sear the outside of the beef cut before roasting.

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