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The chuck is the front end primal beef cut.  The typical chuck steak contains parts of the shoulder bones is often known as a “7-bone steak”, as the shape of the bone in cross section resembles the numeral “7”. Its thicker version is called a “7-bone” roast.  


The chuck contains a lot of connective tissue including collagen and therefore is suited for slow cooking, stewing, braising and pot roasting.

Braising means to cook slowly with a liquid in a covered pot. It is favourable for roasts and tougher cuts of beef as the added moisture assists in breaking down connective tissue. Usually, apart from water, wine or broth are used to braise the beef and increase the flavour of the dish.


Stewing beef is done by slowly simmering in a covered stovetop, slow cooker or casserole dish.


Pot roasting is similar to braising. It is done in an oven, slow cooker or other covers dish and requires liquid to be added while slowly cooking. Sometimes you can sear the outside of the beef cut before roasting.

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