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Our Beef


There are seven primal areas of a beef carcass.

The loin and the rib are called “middle meats” because they come from the middle section of the carcass.

Chucks and rounds are commonly called “end cuts” because they are located at the front and rear “end” of the carcass. 

End cuts comprise more than half of the weight of the beef carcass. 


All these primal cuts are further disassembled into smaller pieces, called sub-primal cuts that reach the end consumer who can easily cut steaks or roasts. 


Steak temperatures:

Rare - 60C - cold, red centre, soft

Medium rare - 63C - warm, red centre, firmer

Medium- 71C- pink and firm

Medium well- 74C- small amount of pink in centre

Well done- 77C - grey brown throughout, firm

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