Our farm is located in the northwest part of Bulgaria, in the Montana region, near the village of Kovatsitsa.

We have been breeding beef cattle for more than eight years.

At the moment we have about 500 mature female cattle and 150 calfs in our constantly growing flock.


The recent development of our modern barns and pastures is a vital condition to breed and feed our cattle to the highest breeding standard.

We are a team  of dedicated professionals, such as cattle breeders and vets, that takes care for our flock daily.


Our mission is to always offer under MERATA trade mark high quality fresh and tasty meat to our customers. 

Blond d'Aquitaine

A modern French breed of large domestic beef cattle. It was created in 1962 by merging three blonde breeds. Since about 1970 it has been selectively bred specifically for beef production. It is the third-most numerous beef breed of France, after the Charolais and the Limousine. The Blonde d'Aquitaine is wheat- or cream-coloured, varying from dark to very light fawn, the surround of the eyes and the area round the muzzle is paler. The skin is white, and the muzzle and mucous areas pale.